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shop. he is supposed to be holding a resip row cal state deck. ? peeblging of patient love, i think this woman's love for shoes is very patient because she is sporting those high heeled boots, they're not being very cooperative with her. >> it almost like she's on stilts. >>> and girls wear this because they think they look attractive. >> this looks like her ankle is breaking in half. thmplt dude on the snowmobile decides, no snow, no problem. >> the guy is about to drop off a 15-foot dam. >>> boy, just the other day you were saying to me, i really want to build an 8 by 8 rgblaq. >> i couldn't find a video but one of our viewers made a video on how to create this thing. it's like a giant light bright but it moves. >> it's the new lava lamp. >> this video is about a half an hour long. there's a full instructional video and there is a shorter version here that will tell you exactly what you need. >> you want to be very careful with your ohm resistors. >> i was wondering what i was going to do with all my extra mos sets. >> what if you glued an iphone to the floor? >>> you would think
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1